DanceZone Teacher Membership

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Dancezone Teachers membership teachers gives access to give private lessons in the DZ hall all days in the week and the right to get an electronic key.

Membership costs 700 DKK pr. month, and is binding for 6 months in the following periods February- April, May - July, August- October, November- January. Payment is due at the beginning of each period. 

A DZ teacher is responsible for their non-DZ students' payment of floorfee before starting any lessons in the DZ hall.

Membership can be terminated by sending a mail to

If a member have not paid for current period or have outstading, the member will be refused access to DanceZone without notice. 

You enter the membership on this page by first making a profile and adding the membership.



Floorfee guest teachers
(Non DZ teachermember) 1 lesson of 45 min: 80 DKK per teacher per 45 min

Floorfee,  teachers who are also active dancers and dancezone members
1 lesson of 45 min 40 DKK per teacher per 45 min

Payment to mobile pay: 960095 or cash into mailbox in DZ hall before the start of the lessons


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